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Tandem skydive for 139 EUR?

It’s worth taking a closer look at the cheap prices offered on the Internet

If you google “tandem jump” on the internet, then you will soon come across seemingly cheap offers such as “Tandem jump for 139 EUR”. But what is behind it?
A tandem jump is relatively easy to calculate. The most expensive part of the jump is certainly the flight, followed by the calculated wear and tear and maintenance of the equipment and the fee of the tandem master. Depending on the jump site and tandem operation, start and loading fees as well as personnel and material costs (rent for hangar) are added.

How can tandem jumps be offered for 139 EUR?

  1. Reduced jump height:
    These jumps are usually carried out from only 2,500 meters altitude (therefore reduced aircraft costs). Compared to our standard jumping height of 4,000 meters, you will lose approx. 30 seconds of free fall time!
  2. Restriction to special days of the week:
    Often the 139 EUR offers are only on special days of the week not including weekends.
  3. Reduced validity for vouchers
    Some providers limit their vouchers to 1 year or require a surcharge when redeeming the voucher in the 2nd year. 
  4. Kerosene surcharge
    Since the sharp rise in mineral oil prices (due to the Ukraine conflict), some suppliers ask you to pay a “kerosene surcharge”
  5. Higher prices for the video/photos:
    Approximately 80% of customers opt for a video/photos either directly at the time of booking or at the jump location. The prices for these videos are then usually much more expensive, as it subsidizes the tandem jump.

The exact comparison of available offers is definitely worth it. We recommend that you read carefully the websites of the providers and compare the price of a 4,000 meter tandem jump on the weekend including a handheld video. The minimum jump height for tandem jumps in Germany is at 2,500 meters altitude (stipulated by the German Parachute Sports Association). As the free fall is certainly the most beautiful part of this experience, we advise against jumps from a reduced altitude.

As you can see, Tandemfactory offers you – compared to our competitors and renowned event agencies – a fair price/performance ratio. We will gladly send you an individual offer for group bookings of 5 or more people.

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