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Your skydive on video / photos

What could be better than sharing your experiences with friends or family? At Tandemfactory, you can have your parachute tandem jump captured on video or as a photo series, which are transferred directly after the jump onto a USB stick for you to take home.
You want to capture your tandem jump on photos or video? No problem – we offer two types of video or photo shoots.

Handheld video/photos (recommended):
In the handheld video, our tandem master uses the wrist-mounted camera (Go-Pro Full HD) to film the jump itself and take breathtaking shots of your entire jump. The video/photos contain various sequences, including

  • Entering the aircraft
  • Takeoff
  • In the aircraft
  • Exit and Free Fall
  • Canopy flight
  • Landing

With our handheld video/photos you will have a permanent record of your amazing experience.

Freefall Video/Photos:
With this video/photo option, an additional jumper accompanies you on your tandem jump and films from an external perspective. The video/photo series includes, just like the handheld video, different sequences

  • On the ground
  • Takeoff
  • In the aircraft
  • Exit and Free Fall
  • Landing.

With this video/photo option no pictures are possible during the canopy flight. As a specially trained video parachutist has to be booked for this type of video/photo shoot, we offer this option only with prior booking (subject to availability).

Our photo/video recordings are provided as uncut raw material on USB stick immediately after the jump. For licensing reasons, we cannot provide a soundtrack accompanying the video. Of course, we give you the full rights to use the images and you may use it for private (non-commercial) purposes (such as publishing on Facebook, Vimeo or other Internet platforms).

Should you be unsure if you would like to have video/photo shoot or have any further queries just write us a short message via our contact form or call us directly. For those who are spontaneous: You can book our handheld photo/video recordings directly before the jump at the jump location.

Here are examples of the two videos options:

Tandem jump recorded with handheld video: 

Tandem jump recorded by additional jumper:

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