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Capture your tandem jump on photo/video

Share the joy of your tandem skydive with your loved ones! At Tandemfactory you can have your unforgettable adventure captured in a video or as an awesome photo series.

Our experienced tandem instructor uses a high-resolution camera (Go-Pro Full HD) to capture every aspect of your experience. The recordings include various sequences including:

  • Boarding the plane
  • Start from the jump site
  • On the plane
  • Exit and free fall
  • On the parachute

You will receive the pictures / video directly after the jump on a USB stick or as a download link. Depending on the jump location you choose, you will either get the raw material or an already edited video.

Of course, we assign you the full right to use the image material and you may use it for private (non-commercial) purposes (e.g. publication on Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo or other Internet platforms).

Are you still unsure and have questions about the photo/video recordings? Simply write us a short message using our contact form or give us a call.

Thanks to modern camera technology, outside videos are no longer the norm. A video jumper films from an external perspective. Experience has shown that such recordings are often not ideal, as the time of the exit must be perfect for both the tandem and the video jumper. For this reason, we only offer this option upon special request (and availability of a video jumper).

Here is an example video recorded with a handcam. (cut and partially sped up)

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