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Safety Briefing

Safety is our top priority, and so you will receive detailed instructions on how to jump (safety briefing) prior your tandem skydive. The briefing is carried out by one of our tandem instructors at the drop zone and includes general information about tandem skydiving as well as all safety-relevant postures that you have to take during your jump. We have described all relevant postures below.

Exit position:

  • While you are already outside the plane, your tandem instructor is still sitting on the edge of the plane

  • Take your head into the neck

  • Hands in your passenger harness, shoulders back

  • Bend your legs under the plane
  • Push you hips to the front (arching)

  • Hold your body in this position

Position directly after exit:

  • Maintain exit position
  • Keep your head back
  • Keep hands in the harness
  • Bend your legs backwards (try to touch the bottom of the tandem instructor with your feet)
  • Push hips to the front (arching)
  • Hold your body in this position

Freefall position:

  • Maintain body tension
  • Keep your legs bent (do not stretch out)
  • Keep your hands in the harness
  • Only when the tandem instructor taps you on your shoulder, you can slowly take your hands out (legs stay bent)

Landing position:

  • Please take landing position approximately 80 meters above ground (on instruction from the tandem instructor)
  • Pull your knees to your chest and stretch your legs
  • Important: The legs must remain in this position until the landing is complete! This is important as reduces the risk of an injury!
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