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Tandem skydive

– The ultimate adrenaline rush for (almost) anyone –

The history of tandem skydiving goes back to the early 80’s. The American and passionate skydiver Ted Strong then constructed the first tandem system. The first tandem skydives were carried out in Germany in the mid-80s. At that time, the parachute system was far from being as mature as it is today.

Tandem skydiving is now one of the most popular leisure events. In 2017, about 66,000 tandem jumps were carried out in Germany.

What are the requirements for a tandem jump?

The minimum age for a tandem skydive is 10 years. The minimum height is 140 cm. For minors, both the signature and the presence of all legal guardians is required. The maximum body weight incl. clothing is 90kg. In exceptions, and after prior telephone agreement, up to 100kg for an additional charge. Good physical and mental health is required (no asthma, acute herniated discs, diabetes, heart problems, etc.). Passengers who appear under the influence of alcohol or drugs at their jump appointment are excluded from the jump.

Is skydiving dangerous?

Among jumpers say: “The most dangerous thing about parachuting is the ride to the skydiving location!”. Skydiving is not one of the risky sports, but a risk of injury – similar to mountain climbing or skiing – can not be ruled out. The most dangerous part of the jump is certainly the landing. For this reason, your tandem instructor will brief you on the right landing position to minimize the risk of injury. The parachute system has a main and reserve canopy and an automated opening device. If the main parachute does not open properly, the tandem master can disconnect it (parachute flies away) and the reserve gets activated. The reserve is a full parachute and can be controlled and landed just like the main. Oh yes, a parachute tandem system costs between 13,000 and 15,000 EUR. Safety has its price.

As you can see, skydiving is no more dangerous than any other outdoor sport. We have first-class maintained equipment and very well trained staff.

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