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How will your tandem skydive look like?

A tandem skydive is certainly one of the most breathtaking experiences you can imagine, especially when you jump in the beautiful area of Upper Bavaria. You can find us during the peak season from April to October at various airfields in the Munich area.

Make an appointment:

On our website you can choose a desired date and book easily and comfortably online. Your appointment request will be checked immediately and after a few hours you will receive a binding confirmation of the date. Of course you can have your tandem skydive recorded on video/photo – when booking, you can easily add one of the video options. (Video recommended)

Arrival at the drop zone:

Zusammen mit dem Tandemmaster am Sprungplatz
After check in at the drop zone one of our friendly staff members will give you an introduction into tandem skydiving as well as a safety briefing. Your friends and family are invited to join the briefing and take pictures or they can enjoy the atmosphere from the restaurant. You will be provided with a jump suit, goggles (which can also be worn over glasses or contact lenses) as well as a helmet free of charge. Afterwards, your tandem instructor will put on the passenger harness and then you are ready for your unforgettable experience.

Here we go:

Together with your tandem instructor you will go to our aircraft, which will take you to the dropping altitude in about 10 – 15 minutes. Now you have time to sit back and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the landscape before the jump. During the climb, our instructor will repeat the safety briefing and check the entire equipment again. As you can see, safety is our top priority.


The exit:

As soon as we reach the dropping altitude, the door of the airplane is opened. By now you can feel the adrenaline in your body! After obtaining approval from air traffic control, we then receive the “ok” from our pilot to jump. The exit is probably the most exciting moment, you can hardly describe it with words. Together with your instructor, you accelerate quickly, reaching speeds approaching 60 meters per second – approx. 200 km/h. Now you can feel absolute freedom and enjoy the breathtaking view for about 50 seconds of freefall before the parachute is opened. You will never forget these 50 seconds!

After the opening of the parachute, it suddenly becomes very quiet and you float peacefully at about 1300 meters above the ground under the parachute. Now you can control the parachute under the instruction of your instructor and if you have not had enough action by now, you can fly some spirals. After about 5-7 minutes you will land safely and gently at the jumping area where your friends are already waiting for you. You have done it!

Congratulations and welcome to the skydivers club!

Your tandem jump on video / photo:

If you have booked a video or photos, you will get them directly after the jump on a USB stick or download link together with your certificate, allowing you to quickly and easily share all the impressions with your friends and family.

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