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FAQ Tandem Skydive

We have put together all the frequently asked questions about a tandem jump on this page. If you can’t find the answer to your question or have further queries then please drop us an email or call us directly.

  1. Requirements for a tandem jump?
    The minimum age for a parachute tandem jump is 10 years old. The minimum height is 140 cm. For minors, both the signature and the presence of all legal guardians is required. The maximum body weight incl. clothing is 90kg. In exceptions, and by prior arrangement, up to 100kg with a surcharge of 30 EUR is possible. Good physical and mental health is required (no asthma, acute slipped discs, diabetes, heart problems, etc.). Passengers who appear under the influence of alcohol or drugs at their jump appointment will not be accepted.
  2. Is skydiving (tandem jumping) dangerous?
    Parachutists say: “The most dangerous thing about parachuting is the ride to the jump place!” Skydiving is not one of the risky sports, but a risk of injury – similar to mountain climbing or skiing – cannot be ruled out. The most dangerous part of the jump is certainly the landing. For this reason, your tandem master will put you in the right landing position to minimize the risk of injury.
  3. What clothes should I bring to my tandem jump?
    For your jump you will receive a jump suit from us. Comfortable clothing to wear underneath is recommended such as T-shirts, tracksuit bottoms or jeans. Very important is the footwear. Normal trainers should be worn, Flip-Flops or slippers are certainly not suitable. Hiking boots or similar are also not suitable due to the metal hooks for the laces.
  4. How cold is it in the jump height?
    That depends on the weather :-). Per 1000 meters altitude the temperature decreases about 6 degrees Celsius. In the summer months we have temperatures around 0 degrees C at 4000 meters above ground. With a free fall time of about 50 seconds, a T-shirt is usually enough.
  5. Can I breathe during the free fall?
  6. How should I prepare for my jump?
    It’s best to eat and drink as normal. Just prepare for your jump as if you were going to the gym to exercise. Important is to drink sufficiently to be hydrated (non alcoholic :-))
  7. When should I not jump?
    You should be physically fit and comfortable. If you have any physical limitations or illnesses (such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc) please be sure to contact us in advance. If you are a diver, the last dive must be at least 36 hours before the parachute jump. We expressly point out that we do not carry passengers under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  8. Can I wear my glasses / contact lenses?
    Yes this is not a problem. Goggles are provided by from us. Underneath these you can wear both glasses and contact lenses.
  9. Can I take my own camera (GoPro) for a jump?
    No, this is not possible. Even a licensed skydiver needs at least 100 jumps and special training to be able to carry a camera. These are clear regulations from the Parachute Sports Association to which we must adhere.
  10. Can I jump with a headscarf (Muslims)?
    This is unfortunately not possible for safety reasons (possible entanglement with the suspension lines of the parachute).
  11. How much time should I plan for the tandem jump?
    Please allow enough time (at least 3 hours) for the jump. We try to keep to the agreed time as close as possible. However, due to various circumstances beyond our control (e.g. weather), there may be delays/waiting times.
  12. What height do we jump from (Jump height)?
    Our dropping altitude is usually 4,000 meters but depends on the approval of the responsible air traffic control and the weather conditions.

We hope the FAQ’s section has answered any queries that you may have had. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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